Thursday, September 29, 2011

Almost Everything We Could Expect on the Last Day of the Regular Season!

2 out of 3 ain't says Meatloaf!


  • The Tribe loses to the Tigers to finish under .500. Although most expectations were met by this rebuilding team, it sure would have been a bonus to finish this season 82-80 instead of the reverse. However, Manny Acta did get thrown out early arguing balls and strikes...that's a light at the end of the tunnel!

  • St. Louis Cards beat Astros handily and advance to the playoffs! they did get some help from the Phillies who took it to the Braves late in the night.

  • Rays beat Yanks with walk off despite the Red Sox balking about the Yanks laying down.

  • Red Sox have no one to blame (except maybe Carl Crawford) for their loss to the Orioles last night and the entire team for their September results.

  • Did the Orioles over-celebrate? Naw! They played hard and earned the celebration.
Every baseball fan is tired this morning!

What about Reyes of the Mets?

Although he is not the 1st to pull out of a game to win a batting crown.

As we wait for next year again in Cleveland, we also look forward to a great second season of baseball 2011!

Who are you pulling for?

Me? Like this;

Tigers over Yanks

Rays over Rangers

Cards over Phillies

Brewers over Diamondbacks

That's not exactly how I see it but how I hope it comes out!

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