Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tickets, Tickets, Get Your Tickets!

Baseball's Opening Day is only 74 long, cold days away!
The Cleveland Indians' Home Opener is 81 days away!
Do you have your tickets yet? I do, in the Club Seats thanks to a very special Christmas gift!
Thinking of the time that will pass from now until then, it is quite entertaining to ponder what will take place.
Pitching coach Tim Belcher probably has the biggest challenge on his hands of all of the coaches. How strong will Jake Westbrook be after elbow surgery?
How do you get Fausto Carmona back to his near Cy Young performance of 2007?
As a starter, will Aaron Laffey find his groove and be the pitcher he can be?
How will Jeremy Sowers react to Belcher?
Is this the coach that can get the most out of these four guys?
Jake appeared healthy in Puerto Rico...Spring Training will be very telling.
It is my opinion that Fausto has been miss-handled for years. From the failed closer role in 2006 to superstar in 2007 to the deep minors in 2009, you have to give this guy the ball, reassure him that keeping the ball low will produce strike calls, and just let him pitch. Remember his gutsy performance in the "Bug" game? That's the Fausto we so desperately need.
Does Justin Masterson round out this starting five?
Will there be a free agent or trade?
Fun stuff to ponder!
Who is our everyday catcher?
Is Lou Marson ready?
Can Sandy Alomar get him to be the field leader needed by April?
I love, love, love the rest of this line up. This infield should be known as the No-Name Defense. They are slick fielders that have played together at different levels and they are going to hit, hit, hit! The outfield is superb if Grady comes back healthy and strong. The only knock is they all three bat left-handed in an everyday lineup.
While waiting in an airport recently, I saw ESPN pick the Tribe early on to finish 4th, just ahead of Kansas City. The division isn't that strong and this Indians team is going to be competitive and surprise many people.
If they make the right moves, they could compete for the division...I expect nothing less!
This is my kind of team...a gutsy, nothing to lose breed of hard-nosed ball players who don't know they are not supposed to win. I would rather play with them than against them. You will see. They have the ability to win the hearts of this town once again. They already have mine!
See you at the Opener!

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