Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chief Sleep-Hoo

What is going on with the Tribe?

Not much...Jake Westbrook is looking promising and we need him strong with great leadership for 2010.

Why did we get Dave Duncan's kid? Is he slated to step up into a right-handed hitting outfield position or 1st base?

Look what Cincinnati did!

They signed Chapman!

I still maintain that this Indians team could be very competitive if the stars align properly...minimal to no injuries...2 pitchers have career years while others have very good seasons...Grady comes back strong...Sandy Alomar develops a catcher quickly and assembles a good pen...and Manny Acta plays to win from the first workout in Spring Training.

It sure would be nice to help us out though with a solid free agent...Any movement would be a good thing...Wake-up my Chief, a city is counting on you!

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