Sunday, December 7, 2008

What About Jamey Carroll?

As the Tribe brass heads off to the winter meetings, reports are swirling that Jhonny Peralta is doing well at 3rd base in the Dominican Winter League. So tops on their list is a closer and a 2nd baseman. Casey Blake will more than likely accept the offer from the Twins. He will fit so good in that gutsy blue collar team. With Andy Marte still picking splinters out of his behind, that leaves 3rd base wide open for Peralta to claim.
Shouldn't Shapiro concentrate on a dominant closer as well as another starter? Keep in mind Jake Westbrook will be starting the season on the DL. Jamey Carroll is a great fit at 2nd base. His batting average last season was the 3rd highest of active Cleveland players at .277. His OBP was 4th at .355. He is an exciting player that gives the game his all. He is a good contact hitter with a strong strikeout and base on balls ratio to at bats. He is a slick fielder as well.

Now comes the thud. I still hold to the theory that Grady Sizemore would be much more valuable to the Cleveland Indians in the second spot in the line-up. If Carroll was in the lead off spot, Sizemore batting lefty would naturally hit behind the runner and also reduce his strikeouts. With his growing power, many a game could begin 2-0 Tribe with no outs.

We also have Josh Barfield who has been an under achiever. It is time for Barfield to put up the numbers on offense he is capable of.

Focus on pitching at the winter meeting. Unless an absolute can't pass up deal floats by, we have the field set with Sizemore, Choo, and Francisco in the outfield and Martinez, Carroll, Cabrera, Peralta, and Shoppach in the infield.

Go for the pitching, Shapiro!

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