Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wow! Miss a week or two, miss alot!

I have been away for a couple of weeks training for a new job...What a couple of weeks!
Let's see, the Phillies won the 2008 World Series and stomped the dreams of the perennial underdogs everywhere. Good for old friend Charlie Manual but I was disappointed. The Rays came so far so fast but they just ran out of gas. Don't look now but the Royals are the next up and comers in the American League...Go small market teams!

We got ourselves a new President and first family!

Cliff Lee is named the 2008 Cy Young Award winner for the American League!
Congratulations Cliffy!

CC gonna go to the Bronx?!
Say it ain't so!!!

And on a very serious note, the baseball world lost one of their all-time great guys. Herb Score was one of the greatest ambassadors of the game of baseball. From his playing days through his time as a sportscaster and voice of the Cleveland Indians, Herb was truly a classy guy.

Herb Score was a brilliant talent who never let personal and professional tragedies diminish his wonderful spirit. This is a guy who truly made lemonade out of lemons and never felt anything but lucky for having played the game and been on the air for major league baseball.

Herb was the ultimate gentleman and caretaker of the game he loved so much. Many of us were so fortunate to have met Herb Score. I saw Herb at the old Municipal Stadium when I was a kid. He never, ever refused an autograph to anyone...not even me when he knew I already had 100s from him already. Years later, Herb was at an event that my band was hired to provide entertainment. Herb was gracious and eloquent as he spoke to every guest, signed autographs, and answered any and all questions posed to him with poise, dignity, and an incredible positive nature. I had the opportunity to sit with Herb on a break that night. I think there was no finer man in the game of baseball.

There certainly were many, many people who loved and admired Herb Score. One such person was Herb's old teammate and best friend, Rocky Colavito. Rocky and Herb were more than friends. In delivering Herb's eulogy today, Rocky called Herb not just a friend but a brother. Rocky talked about the first time he saw Herb pitch in spring training. He knew Herb had tremendous talent and was destine for greatness. When Herb went down with injury, the story goes that many teammates doubted that Herb would come back and pitch again. Rocky is said to have challenged the next person or persons to say that to step outside with him. According to Colavito, it wasn't the line drive to the eye that shortened Herb's playing career, it was the elbow injury. Herb went on to do television and then radio broadcasts for the team he loved, the Cleveland Indians.

Goodbye to a great competitor.
Goodbye to a great ambassador of the game.
Goodbye to a fine gentleman who took the time and care to enhance the quality of life for all those he came into contact with.

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Anonymous said...

thanx for sharing such nice words about herb score. if austin carr is mr. cavalier, then score was truly mr. indian. i grew up in the 70's listening to herb call the games on the radio and even when the indians were losing, you just couldn't turn the radio off or you might miss another one of his patented "herbisms" like this gem - "2 runs, 3 hits and after 3 innings, we're still scoreless". my all-time favorite came in the 1997 alcs against baltimore, game 6, top of the 11th inning when tony fernandez hit a home run to put the indians up 1-0 and herb yelled out "and the indians win and will go to the world series". umm, did i mention it was the top of the 11th??? that means that baltimore still had to come to bat in the bottom of the 11th. i thought for sure herbie jinxed us right there and baltimore would score 2 runs in the bottom of the 11th and win the game. thankfully that didn't happen, but you can be sure that herb swallowed just a bit harder than normal after that one. hee-hee!!! no but seriously though, he may have had his flaws, but doggone it, i would much rather listen to him than anyone else they had on the tv broadcasts. although i do like tom hamilton now on the radio, but nobody on the tv has ever quite captured my imagination like herb did. i just loved his new york accent when he pronounced certain players names like "joe caw-tuh" and "corey sny-duh" and "omah vizquel". what was really funny was listening to him trying to pronounce carlos baerga's name. i never did think he got it right. hell, i don't think he ever said it the same way twice, even in the same game. god bless you herb score and may you enjoy eternity in that happy hunting ground in the sky.