Friday, November 16, 2007

HGH Is A No-No!

What fate awaits Major League baseball's all-time home run leader after being charged with steroid usage? Is this just the beginning of "Roid-Gate?" Who else visited or received shipments from the good dentist in Florida? Only time will tell as MLB collects evidence and brings charges against other stars who also probably thought they were using arthritis balm and flax seed oil. Personally, when I inject those items on a daily basis, I too would be stunned to learn that they were, in fact, steroids.

Seeing the "Barry before and after 'roids" pictures above leads one to be very sceptical of others in the baseball world.

Above is proof positive that Ryan Garko of the Cleveland Indians has enhanced his body and improved his performance with foreign substances. Shown on the left is Ryan prior to his addictions to the "growth enhanced" brontosaurus burgers and mammoth ribs that make up his daily diet.

Certainly Aaron Fultz should get his money back from the good dentist if he is a user. Whatever he's taking did nothing to improve his performance or looks!

It appears even baseball is not insulated at the executive level as well!

Where and when will it all end?

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