Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's "FREE" About Free Agents?

USA Today lists the top 50 MLB free agents. Paul White of USA Today ranks Cliff Lee #1.
Here is an interesting ranking, he lists Derek Jeter as 27th. Can you imagine Jeter playing for any other team except the Skankees? You have to believe that New York would never let him go, regardless of his diminishing skills…I haven’t heard that term since Billy Bellycheck banished Bernie Kosar from Northeast Ohio! Still, wouldn’t that be almost as sweet as Texas beating New York in the ALCS?...Almost! I am still in a euphoric state since the night of 10/22/10! (Holy Crap! I have to go back to that wretched city in two and a half weeks!)
Look at the list if you get a moment. It is hitting and pitching rich.
Who catches the eye immediately? Well of course, Victor Martinez who told me in an airport he did not want to leave Cleveland and wished he were still there since the hiring of Manny Acta.
How about Adam Dunn? Forget it, the Dolans…never mind, they are not even worth talking about.
Realistically, who would take less or no money to come back and finish out their career in Cleveland?
It is not likely unless they still had property in the “Best Location in the Nation.”
Jimmy Boy Thome! I understand he still has a house in Aurora! He certainly could produce much more than Hafner and be the Eddie Murray for this band of youngsters.
A real stretch would be Manny Ramirez. Perhaps he just misses snow at Christmas..or on opening Day.
There will be much speculation on free agents and other type baseball related items and issues as the snow begins to fly. Other than an occasional Browns upset of a Superbowl contender or a LeBron-less Cavs team in first place with a .500 record, all we can do is buy Opening Day tickets and keep or fingers and toes crossed for the reincarnation of a Dick Jacobs kind of visionary to show an interest in our beloved baseball team.
I think it’s snowing…

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