Saturday, October 16, 2010

League To Rule On Cell Phone Usage By Players During Games!

Nelson Cruz is tagged out by CC Sabathia last night while apparently asking caller, "Am I Safe?"

The Seattle Mariners hired Eric Wedge to manage at least part of next season.

Heads in the clouds...or somewhere else?

Would you trust this man with your business?

Don't look for the fortunes of the Cleveland Indians to change anytime soon, at least as long as they are owned by the Dolans and they keep Mark Shapiro in charge of the daily operations of the team. Apparently job performance doesn't matter as Marky was promoted from GM to President of the club. Who takes his place? His protege, Chris Antonelli, the assistant GM. Do as I did AND as I say!

We can thank Mark and the Dolans for giving us the ability to see some of our favorite players in the playoffs again this year. You know, guys that labored for the Indians and have found the brass ring and their fortunes elsewhere as we continue to develop talent for the rest of the league.

Manny Acta was a somewhat pleasant surprise this year as he was palatable as the manager of the team. But don't look now, Tony LaRussa will be moving on from the Cards and we will stand pat with Acta. Acta is somewhere between Wedge and LaRussa, kind of like hamburger helper to filet mignon and gruel...Lucky us!

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