Monday, May 17, 2010

I Still Watch...I Still Believe...

I do!

As often as I can, I watch...even out of town on the web...This is my team and this is my city.

Yes, we were all reminded that Cleveland has not had a winner since the '64 Browns at the conclusion of the Cavs/Celtics playoffs. As the Celts celebrated, the world had to see again the suffering of Cleveland teams and fans with all of the heartbreaking plays that have crushed dreams over the last 46 years. Thanks for that...but guess what? We can take it.

Are there more heartbreaks to come...some sooner than later?

Is LeBron really LeGone?

I hope with all of my heart that LeBron stays but if he doesn't, guess what? We all get up and go to work the next day.

So why hope and believe in Cleveland?

This is my town. I have lived here for almost 61 years and I am not about to relocate now.

My sport is baseball and my team will always be the Indians, no matter who poorly owns them or who miss-manages them.
I still think this team can make a lot of noise in the AL Central. The door is open with the Red Sox tanking. Except here comes Tampa Bay again!
So what! Did you see the Indians come back on Baltimore on Saturday night with 8 runs in the 9th inning? That set the table for a big performance by pitcher Jake Westbrook on Sunday.
They are still fun to watch and they keep showing signs of life with some pitching that is coming on fast. Get Grady back on track and who knows how close they can come.
Let the rest of the world look back on the heartbreaks and laugh, or even feel a little sorrow.
We will still get up in the morning and go to work with hope in our hearts...that a man the likes of Dick Jacobs steps up again in the city that he loves (like D.J. did) and rescues this franchise for the better.
Time to go to work...

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kojojojo said...

they were a good team