Saturday, April 25, 2009

What A Way To Run A Railroad!

Who's on first?...Better yet...Who's in charge?????

After Grady Sizemore ensured a victory on Thursday vs. Kansas City, He stated that this was the first series that the team had won this season. Further he stated that if we want to win this year, we must win these series.
Don't you think the manager should say that?...Or at least think that?!
Well, if you follow this team and you cringe everytime manager Eric Wedge gets in front of a microphone, all you are going to hear is the tired, old Wedgeisms we have become numb to over the years;
"We just gotta keep after it."
We need to keep grinding it out and it'll get there."
"It's too early to panic."
This guy has no concept of when the season begins or when it ends. He thinks he has all the time in the world to develop this team. He has so much patience, the next event giveaway at Progressive Field is going to be script "I" pillows so fans can catch up on their sleep. The only thing "grinding" around here is teeth!

Here is a little gem from Eric "Tylenol PM" Wedge. When asked if he will stay with Masa Kobayashi or send him down, Wedge said that he will have patience with Masa and give him the time to get back on track from his tough spring.
''What he has to do is keep the ball down and throw it where he wants to. When he does that, he gets people out.''

Ya Think?!

Every major league manager and their pitching coaches will find those words to live by. what an Epiphany! It is that simple! So forget about mechanics or watching tapes to help the dumb bastard, let's just put him out their to "grind it out!"

Right now, the Tribe is losing 5-0 to the Twins in the top of the 9th on Saturday night. Wedge just brought in Masa. Let's see what happens...

Ground out, 1 out...So far, so good.

Solo Home Run!

Solo Home Run!

Ground out, 2 outs.

Strike out! Hooray! We go now to the bottom of the 9th with the score now 7-0 Twins.

Wanna know how it comes out? Yeah, so do I but I feel a nap coming on...Yawn!

Get rid of that stupid ------ ------ Wedge!

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