Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are You Ready For Some B-B-B-B-Baseball?

March 31st is only 47 days away. Presently, Northeast Ohio is rebounding from a huge Winter storm that passed through these parts just 24 hours ago...and the cold weather is expected to continue.
Most people probably are not thinking about sitting in the stands at the newly named Progressive Field. They are still recovering from sitting through a rush hour yesterday that turned what normally would be a 30 minute drive home into a 90 minute free-for-all.
But we can dream of better (warmer) days as we chisel the heavy ice from the windows of our cars.
Dream of the days when a young man's fancy turns to breaking in a new pair of cleats by running around the yard days before the softball season starts.
Dream of the smell of neatsfoot oil rubbed into your trusty mitt while trying to figure out how to hide that nasty, oily stain left on the tablecloth where you only put the mitt down for a minute.
Dream of pulling on a new team baseball jersey with your name and number on it.
Dream while swinging the bat in the garage when you should be running the snow blower. I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't trade snow blowing the driveway everyother day for cutting the grass once a week.
Well, March 31st may be a bit too early for opening day in Northeast Ohio but we will gladly take it, and love it, and worship the tradition that it brings because eventhough our weather bites right now, there is nothing like being at the Jake...I mean the Pro (?) watching the Tribe and eating a dog, even if you have to brush the snow off of it to put some lovely brown mustard on it!
Bring it on!!!

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